Infidels and Proud Of It

December 1, 2009

Reasons To Join Us

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  • Love of America
  • Love and respect for a G-d of your own choosing
  • Respect for your mother
  • Respect for your sister
  • Respect for everyone’s belief (as long as it does not injury anyone else)
  • Being a mother who wants a good education for their sons and daughters
  • Want to feel joyous, happy and free now and for the future
  • Believe in good government elected by and for the people
  • Not being afraid to redress our leaders if and when we feel they are not keeping their campaign promises
  • Going to court to defend our rights to justice
  • Gathering in a peaceful manner to discuss with out representatives why they voted for
    issues not to out liking
  • Not afraid to do and say the things that will keep America strong

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