Infidels and Proud Of It

May 31, 2010

Spiritual Thoughts

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Religions is this involvement into what they believe to be G-D’S a word to justify man’s word. Man has written billions of volumes on this subject alone and here may be another one, no, not another one as in the sense I am trying to tell you this is G-D’S word. But this is how I see it. 
Man has for centuries spoken of all the wondrous things attributed to G-D, and their belief that we have to do things a certain way so as not to obtain his wrath. This is not what I feel is correct I believe man had rewritten the joys of having a G-D of your very own, a G-D who helps us maintain our spiritual condition in the light of any adversities and or joys that may enter it. 
When people tell me the discovery of a vaccine for a particular illness is G-D’S miracle then I have to wonder where that disease came from, or when I hear about some child who was born with a birth defect, or crippled in an accident I am told to believe that this is one of G-D’S mysterious plans and I should pray for them. Well I do not believe in these plans, but I do believe that by turning my life and will over to the care of G-D, as I understand him I will have a better chance of overcoming the sorrow these events can bring. Through his grace and love I will have the strength to go on with my life’s work whatever that may be. 
Now do I believe that all religions are wrong, absolutely not. If what you feel brings you solace and relief from every days up’s and down’s then that’s great, but on the other hand if you question man’s input into your own defining of a power greater than yourself (whom I choose to call G-D) the following may contain some answers as well as questions to help you understand that power. 
First of all, do I have a secret covenant with that higher power to bring you HIS word; NO WAY these are just my own thoughts and theories. Without G-D’S grade I am left with my own ego and how can I accomplish that which is my do, instead of being able to live in his grace and love my fellow man. Please do not get me wrong I am not talking about turning the other cheek I am talking about letting other be what they are, but staying available to bring aid and comfort if asked for. The old and new testaments, the Koran, the book of Mormons and so on and so forth. All these books have one thing in common they were written by man. They were written in good faith letting the masses know what is acceptable behavior. My question is acceptable to whom. Murder, stealing, adultery etc. are these behaviors tolerated by us. Our society has laws governing such situations, and when I hear people invoke the name of G-D, and the type of punishment that will befall you I get confused. You see the G-D of my understanding is a loving and forgiving G-D. I don’t believe he condones such behavior and that is where our conscience comes in. We are a people of free will and a conscience to help guide us in the direction society will accept. For those that do not listen we also have prisons and psychiatric facilities. While these places are for punishment they are also for rehabilitation. 
I’m sure most of us remember being told that if we did this bad thing we will end up in purgatory or places worse then that. Do you really believe this? Do you also believe saying certain prayers, praying on your knees, supporting religious institutions will bring you life lasting then by all means continue to do so. On the other hand ;et me give you some alternative thinking. What if there is no hell except that which we make for ourselves? T ocontinue life after death, or live for an eternity all one has to do is follow the concepts of your own G0D, as you understand him. For living with HIS love and grace and passing this on to your fellow man, can only bring you eternal life. Sharing your strength and hope with others no matter who they are can only enrich your own life as well as theirs. Can I believe in something as simple as searching for and trusting and believing in that power can help me overcome internal adversities and turmoil? Well I am asked to believe that G-D created earth in seven days or there was a big bang that started all this, that will all descended from either Adam or protoplasm, that through G-D’S wrath the world was drowned. I don’t know I was not there all I know about it is what I read in books written by man. Is it not strange that we totally accept what is written as the gospel, yet we know if ten people witness an incident you may get 5, 6, 7, or more versions as they interpret what they have seen. 
You might ask isn’t this written by man and his interpretations. Good question the simple answer is yes and no. Let me explain, I am not suggesting that my theories and beliefs are that of G-D’S. All I am suggesting is that maybe there is a different path to finding and keeping that power. I could be wrong but I cannot deny the feeling of peace and calm I feel inside. Do I always feel this way; of course not I am a fallible human being and at times feel an energy to go in the opposite direction that I know is not good for me. Does this mean that during these times I have abandon my belief in that power of my understanding, no because it is not the thoughts but the actions that condemns us to the consequences of those actions. 
We look at other religious experiences as those people getting the wrong message, thereby missing the entire point. It being in the believing not the receiving of G-D’S message that brings you happy joyous and free. A Christian searching, a Buddhist searching, a Methodist searching, Hinduism, Mohammedans, etc. etc. etc. are all looking for essentially the same thing. We all want to find a G-D of our own understanding, and it is this concept that makes it right. The my G-D can beat up your G-D syndrome has to stop so we all can live in peace. Man’s input has changed a wonderful spiritual experience into one of mistrust and anger instead of grace and love. What matters most is not that you find my G-D but that you find one of your very own. The manner of search is not important the fact that you search is. Life is G-D’S novel so let him write it.

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